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Failed master cylinder and amp censor - ryanfitz1981 - 2017-04-25

Hey all,

This is more to give everyone the heads up but I've today been told my month old car needs a new master cylinder and amp sensor!

The brakes seemed to creep when you pressed the pedal and would gradually creep so that the engine started.
I thought i was going mad at first but eventually i decided to book it in.
Renault tried to say that this was part of the design but after driving another kadjar along with the mechanic they have now told me it needs it replacing.

Anyways it's a 1.5 edc.

To be fair the dealers are straight on it but thought i would post incase anyone else gets the same issue.

RE: Failed master cylinder and amp censor - ulfire - 2017-04-25

Is this the problem ?
that recall was listed January 2016

RE: Failed master cylinder and amp censor - ryanfitz1981 - 2017-04-25

I hope not as my kadjar 30 days old! It's a 17 plate.

Serious tho. My brakes were anything but hard. These softened and it's like the biting point of the brakes crept further and further down meaning you had to gradually increase brake pressure even when you was already at a standstill.

RE: Failed master cylinder and amp censor - Kaidjar - 2017-04-25

Hey ulfire - interesting informations on #2 and #3 because that would effect my VIN. I just sent that to my dealer to see if these things have been checked on my car. Especially the side airbag that open on impact on the opposite side :-(

RE: Failed master cylinder and amp censor - voltayr2 - 2019-12-15