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R link - no vision, no sound
[Image: R-Link-sm.jpg]

  1. My Kadjar (2000km) is at the dealer since last friday (!!) because of the R-Link not starting with the car. No solution until now, today he said that maybe someone from Renault must have a look at this. Cool. My dealer is one of the biggest Renault dealers in the area - if he doesn't know who should then? But if you drive for 20-30 min the R-Link all of a sudden works again. Surprise, surprise. Everytime it comes up after some time...  doesn't really help, but if they will not find a solutions by tomorrow I will pick up the car on Thursday and will try to complain directly at Renault. I'm quite fed up with driving rental Captur ... I will keep you informed, if you happen to find the solution please let me know...
  2. So news again: they said it it necessary to change the whole R-Link unit. Ok - sounds good to me so far. Bad thing: the unit is not available at the moment, they have ordered it but did not get a delivery date until now. So I will get my car back on Friday and will wait until the unit is at the dealer and make a new appointment for the change (hopefully next time I will not get a Captur as a rental car ).
  3. So I just picked up my car from the dealer and what a surprise: the 2 profiles I put in the R-Link are still there. So the mechanics made a complete backup of my profiles, installed the R-Link again, and put my 2 profiles back on the R-Link. How thoughtful of them not to have me make the profiles again. 
    Or - on a second thought - they did not even try to install the system from the scratch to see if that might help, they just said "Naaaagh - let's just change the whole piece of crap!". Who knows... nevertheless I'm happy to have my Kadjar back, now let's see how long it will take for the new unit to arrive.
    I also offered if they could get the R-Link from the Bose edition with the video input I would pay for the difference. But the guy did not even know that there are 2 versions of the R-Link...

  4. So the Kadjar is at the dealer again, they will change the "radio" as the guy called it and they will replace the windshield (cracked). Stay tuned for the latest news on our beloved R-Link theme...
  5. Picked up my Kadjar with all new R-Link und new Windshield). Fine so far - but the DAB still shows no song titles and the navi needs ages to find its satelites. But the R-Link did start fine at all 5 times until now - so it's improved...
    Versions are exactely the same as before
    Software-Version - 2.217.803
    Navigation-Version -
    I will keep you informed..
    BTW: is there a way to find out what R-Link hardware version is in the car? I'm just curious if they did change the hardware at all...
  6. Short update: R-Link still working fine (within its well known limitations).
    Yesterday evening and today in the morning I had song titles in the DAB+ stations! Unbelivable! But today in the evening they were missing as usual... well, have to live with it, it has not the importance to me as long as the R-Link itself is working at all... 

    And for the poor fellows that have no idea what song titles should look like on a digital radio station I've attached some pictures...
    [Image: 20161107_095751-sm.jpg]
    And no: Android Auto is not connecting to my Kadjar...
  7. Well I have the actual sw release and nav version. The "old" problems got solved when they decided to change the whole unit. So now the R-Link itself powers up everytime, the radio is working (still mostly no song titles in digital radio), and the nav VERY often does not find the satellites (while on my mobile phone the nav software Sygic finds 6 satellites). When I'm next time at the dealer I will mention that -  I also cannot connect to the R-Link store as the R-Link 2 Toolbox does not find any updates.

    Besides that it is a great car and a lot of fun to drive - I even turned the little save-the-earth-leaf on the speedo on - just for fun...

KADJAR Experience ENERGY dCi 130 4x2, Winter, Safety, PDC v+h / 4992

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