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Car parts and their benefits
The Car
The car is one of the important inventions in human life, as this invention opened the way for people to roam quickly and easily and move goods easily over long distances that previously needed many months to transport them, and the invention of the car was not that easy, as it was the result of many discoveries and inventions that preceded it. All of them contributed to the design of this car, and since its invention until now the car is still witnessing a great development in its various parts and in its way of working and performance.


We can liken the car to the human body, as the human body consists of many different devices such as the digestive and respiratory system and others, and each of them contains a number of different organs, and the same is true in the car as the car consists of a number of systems such as the suspension system, steering system, and braking system And the cooling system, and each of these systems consists of a number of different parts, and that the entire car reaches thousands of parts in order for the car to operate efficiently.

car parts
The car engine We can not talk about the parts of the car at all without starting to talk about its engine, for the car engine is the main part of the car that generates the necessary energy for the movement of the car, and there are many different types of engines that have been designed for cars, but the most widespread at the present time are engines Internal combustion, which works on diesel fuel and gasoline, the electric motor, and hybrid engines that combine the two, and the parts and design of the car differ greatly depending on the type of engine used in the car.

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Braking system

We can consider this part of the car as the most important system in it, as the braking system in the car is the system responsible for controlling the speed of the car and stopping it from moving when needed, and for this reason the maintenance of this part of the car is the most important while driving. It is mainly responsible for keeping passengers and other people on the way safe

Guidance system
It is the system that extends between the steering wheel and the wheels, and is responsible for directing the car while driving in the desired direction, and the steering systems in the old days were completely mechanical, but today modern steering systems rely on an assistive engine that helps the driver to steer the car instead of Relying entirely on driver power.

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Cooling system
 It is the system responsible for cooling the car's engine and preventing its overheating, and the cooling system used in the car and its design method varies depending on the type of engine, as fuel-powered cars depend on cooling using water or coolant, while electric cars generally rely on cooling using air through A fan is able to keep the electric motor within the permissible limit, and electrical parts in computers are also cooled.
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