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Feather Souls - An Independent Classic Horror Film
A lot of people have loved to watch the Feather souls films. This is one of the most popular genre of horror films made till date. The story revolves around a group of college students who are in search for a ghost bride who was supposed to have passed away. However, when they go to the grave site, they discover that it is not their house that has been destroyed but instead, they witness a murder which involved their friend.

This film was made on a very small budget. Even though, it did not receive a big budget, it managed to create a good demand among the people. People had a great liking towards this film due to its amazing acting performances and interesting storyline. However, some of the scenes in this film did not go down well with the viewers as some scenes were very disturbing. Some people found some humor in the film but the rest of the people disliked it. The reason for the negative views towards the film could be related to some scenes in the film.

However, the critics and the audiences loved the film. They had a lot of respect for the director because he directed this film for a very low budget. This enabled him to make excellent movies. In fact, his first two films were awarded for best film, which is rare. Many people are surprised to find out that Feathers Souls is actually a horror film.

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