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The Book That Changed My Life!
Refuge Acupuncture: The Acupuncture Place" by Frank Kern is an outstanding book on the Art of Oriental Medicine, written by F.A.Q. Dr. Sam Chang, and written for the readers with no formal training in Oriental Medicine or Chinese Medicine. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to become knowledgeable about the use of needles and the related theories and practices in relation to Eastern Medicine. This book is chock full of interesting and valuable information that will not only benefit you as an avid reader but also as a person looking for better health options. I highly recommend Refuge Acupuncture this to anyone who is interested in improving their overall well being.
I have read that book online and really liked it, the way it has described different medicines is simply outstanding & I even got the EKO Health Coupons for discounted price medicines and medical equipments from its reference.

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