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how to win a bet every time
As we said previously, not all groups are made equivalent. Sportsbooks use guide spreads toward handicap a matchup trying to pull in equivalent wagering on the two sides and even out the opposition. Without a point spread, it would be unreasonably simple for bettors to just take the most loved in each matchup. That is comparative with regards to why you see moneyline wagering chances valued as needs be. 

Ideally, sportsbooks and oddsmakers would draw entirely adjusted 50-50 wagering activity on the two sides of a point spread. This eases a sportsbook's or oddsmaker's requirement for one side to win. The vast dominant part of point spread wagers accompany a juice applied to the payout chances. The juice is another term for the "vig" or "rake," and it is the cash a sportsbook or sports wagering administrator takes on a bet.
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