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Google I / O: what's new for web Norway Phone Number List?
That's it, the famous Google I / O 2019 keynote is coming to an end, leaving behind the announcement of big news for the coming year. Among these, some will have a direct impact on digital Norway Phone Number List and the use we have of it on a daily basis. Here is a selection of the major announcements that may have a greater or lesser impact on your digital communication ... Amphitheatre On the program of this article: Google News Google Assistant – Driving mode Live Caption et Live Relay Google Nest Hub Google Lens Google Norway Phone Number List Google News Timeline Google NewsVery soon, you will benefit from an overhaul of Google News by setting up a new news classification system according to your usual themes. 

You Norway Phone Number List will also be able to access additional relevant content if certain topics are of particular interest to you. New content will be put forward more such as podcasts, chronologies, Youtube videos ,… and will also allow you to deepen your research (and your monitoring)! Good news for the media, Google News should also Norway Phone Number List it easier to subscribe to newspaper and digital media subscriptions, directly from the application and on the web thanks to “ Subscribe with Google ”. Comment ? By accessing the subscription directly from your Google account. This ingenious synchronization will allow any user to access exclusive paid content directly from their initial Google search . Google Assistant – Driving mode Faced with the many improvements to this service, one of them caught our attention: driving mode . ! Warning! 

This content is only reserved for those who Norway Phone Number List the most of their time in the car While on the move, this new mode of use will offer users a summary dashboard, always synchronizing more Google tools: Google voice search , Maps, Calendar, Youtube, but also your calls and your messaging. Thus, in a few seconds, access the itinerary of your client appointment , noted a few days earlier in your diary, listen to your current podcast or discover new ones , only thanks to your voice . These new features will also be available through the Waze app . Live Caption et Live Relay A real time saver and helps people with hearing problems, Live Caption allows you to subtitle each video or sound file on the fly, without an internet connection or Norway Phone Number List intervention. Live Relay will allow you to make and answer calls autonomously through a text-to-speech system .

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